Choosing Between Different Kinds of Tree Trimmers

So, you have a tree that needs trimming, have you ever thought of doing it yourself or had it done by a professional. Tree trimming is usually done on trees which are in need of pruning because of the large amount of growth that is still left in them after the main growing season. This is also known as “down-trimming” or “up-trimming”. Tree pruning is usually done in the spring, summer and fall to remove excess foliage, thicken the tree, remove branches that are overgrown, and correct any other issues that the tree may have with regards to growth and shape.

There are basically two types of tree trimmers: horizontal and vertical. The most basic kind of trimmer is the horizontal pruner which uses a small pruning saw to do the trimming. The main advantage with this kind of trimmer is the ease of use it has for both beginners and more experienced tree trimmers. The main disadvantage with it is the difficulty in cutting large branches in the thinner branches of a tree.

Vertical trimmers have a much larger blade which can reach even the largest branches. These are the most difficult type of trimmers to use, as it requires a bit of experience in using tree branches and their sharp points. Using these also requires that you know what should be cut and what should not be cut in order to prevent damage to the tree and to ensure that all the healthy branches are cut off for proper functioning of the tree. Although this may require an increased amount of care from you, this is much easier to handle than cutting out the healthy parts and leaving the sick ones intact. Care should also be taken to check if the tree branches are going to affect the trimmer blades. For instance, it is not recommended to cut branches higher than the trimmer handle to avoid breakage.

Another important consideration is to decide whether the tree trimmer should be used singly or in tandem with a tree surgeon. Tree surgeons are specially trained in operating on trees and are better equipped to provide direct support while cutting. They can also provide support when the trimmer is being operated upon. However, a tree trimmer without a surgeon is less efficient and will most likely not prove as effective as desired.

Different types of tree trimmers are available in the market today. Most beginners start with gas models. These use petrol, which is stored in a reservoir to power the blades. Gas tree trimmers are usually quite noisy as well and need to be used outdoors to avoid disturbing the birds and other natural inhabitants of the area. A good tip is to use gas tree trimmers inside the house or near the garden area.

Chain-drive trimmers are the next most popular type of trimmer and can be purchased for use indoors or outdoors. A chain-drive model requires the user to drag the handlebar over the trunk to cut it. Although this may sound crude, they tend to work well and have a shorter recovery time than the gas models. These tend to have sharp blades which may chip if used outdoors.

Last but not least, you can consider a wood trimmer. These are the most traditional model and are best suited to trimming trees up to three feet in height. They also produce a fine paper-like dust that is considered bad manners by some communities. Generally speaking, wood is the preferred wood for this type of trimmers because it can easily be worked into a very tight shape. This results in a more even cut and reduces the chance of splinters from cracking wood.

In addition to their specific uses, most good quality tree trimmers come with a variety of attachments used to create more effective cuts. Most wood trimmers have a diamond blade that is good for cutting back branches. Some include a large cutting board to manage a larger area. There are also a variety of trimmers that attach to power tools so that work can be done around the house as well.

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